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Creative Cloud Libraries API documentation

Libraries are accessible across all of Adobe's tools and offer a powerful way to organize logos, colors, and other assets so they can be easily accessed and re-used. The Libraries API lets you bring Libraries to your products and services.


Welcome to the Creative Cloud Libraries API! Before jumping straight into the documentation, we recommend taking a moment to learn more about what Libraries are and what the API can do for you.

What are Creative Cloud Libraries?

If you're new to Creative Cloud Libraries, get started by having a look at this service from the user perspective.

Sample libraries

Need some sample Library content to experiment with? Try these public Libraries.


In this section, you can learn how to get set up to make API calls, jump start your development with quick start tutorials, read guides on advanced topics, and browse our API endpoints and responses.


How to get your developer credentials

Before you get started, you'll need a Client ID and Secret. We'll show you how to get them on the Adobe Developer Console.

How to get access tokens with OAuth

See where to learn more about Adobe OAuth 2.0 and try our OAuth 2.0 Playground for a quicker start.


Quick Start with cURL

Make your first API call via the cURL command-line tool.

Quick Start with Node.js

Make your first API call from a Node.js script.


Working with Library elements

Learn all about supported libary elements, how to fetch element data, and how to create new elements in a library.

Configuring webhooks for Libraries Events

Listen for updates in Libraries and get notified when users make changes.


Explore the API

Browse our endpoints with full descriptions and sample responses.

Learn about I/O Event properties

Listen for changes to Creative Cloud Libraries with I/O Events.


Learn all about terminology related to Creative Cloud Libraries.

Go live#

In this section, you can learn about the steps for taking your integration into production and letting your users know about it.

Submission and review

Learn about our review process and associated timelines. Use our submission checklist to get your integration ready for review and approval by Adobe.

Marketing your integration

Ready to get the word out about your integration? Get go-to-market tips and guidelines from the Adobe Creative Cloud Developer Brand Guide.

Join the community#

Join the worldwide community of Creative Cloud Developers who are building integrations and plugins to empower creativity.

Here are a few ways to get involved:

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