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Introduction to Library Elements

Creative Cloud Libraries are made up of elements which represent design ingredients.

Elements include things like colors, fonts, graphics, and videos. Elements contain metadata, thumbnails, and renditions (static graphics). Some contain different representations, which are versions of graphics in different formats.

The following guides provide insight into how to access, create, and manipulate Library elements via the API.

  • Creating Library Elements - This section describes how to create a Library Element, including creating the element metadata and then uploading the representations of the element.
  • Accessing File Formats - This section describes how to access different versions of an element via renditions and representations.
  • Supported Elements - Creative Cloud Libraries supports a wide range of element types. This section provides an overview of the element types supported as well as detailed information on the most common element types including:
  • Element Validations - This section provides information on the validation rules that are used when creating or modifying elements.
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