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Publishing Your First App Builder Application

In this tutorial, we'll guide you through the following steps to give you an introduction on how to publish your first App Builder Application. After you deployed your application, you need to go through the 3 steps below to publish your SPA

  1. Submit for publishing approval Adobe Developer Console
  2. Review and approve the app in My Exchange
  3. After approval, your app will be available at Adobe Experience Cloud

1: Project approvals (Console Part)#

Once you have completed development on your project, and deploy your app in the Production workspace,your application is ready for approval.

App Builder applications: Projects built using the App Builder template are built by an organization for use within that organization. Therefore, App Builder applications require approvals by the enterprise organization administrator only.

App Builder applications approval process#

Once you have completed development on an App Builder application, it is time to submit the application to your administrators for review and approval.

The final app is based on the Production workspace, therefore it is important to ensure that the production workspace contains all of the necessary APIs, Events, and Runtime code that it needs before submitting for approval.

To begin the approval process, navigate to the Production workspace and select Submit for approval in the top-right corner of the screen or select Approval in the left navigation.

approval production overview

On the Approval screen you will be presented with the App Submission Details form. These details will be visible to people using your app and administrators reviewing your application.

Once the submission details have been completed, select Submit to begin the approval process.

approval app submission details

You will be returned to the Approval screen, where the Status of your application should now be "In Review".

approval in review

Following a review by your organization administrators, your application will either be approved and published or rejected. If the application is rejected, your admin will be able to include a note telling you what went wrong, allowing you to fix the error and submit for approval again.

approval app rejected

Published app#

After your application has been submitted for approval, the admin could see your app pending for review in Adobe Exchange. next section will describe admin approval flow from My exchange. From console side, once an application has been approved, either by internal reviewers or the Adobe Review team, its Status will be updated to "Published" and the application will be available for use either by employees within your enterprise organization (for App Builder applications) or for the general public through Adobe Exchange.

approval published

2: Administrator review of your app (MyExchange Part)#

Once an application has been submitted for approval, either internal reviewer or Adobe Review team will see an app in My Exchange -> Experience Cloud Apps, you will see your submitted apps under the pending review session。

approval myexchange

The reviewer could review this app, either approve it or reject it

approval myexchange review

After approve the app, you will see the app in the approved section, the reviewer could revoke this app to unpublished the app. The owner of the app could re-submit the application for review.

approval myexchange revoke

3: Check your published app at Experience Cloud#

Once the reviewer approve your application, you will received an email notification. and your app will show up at Adobe Experience Cloud

approval myapp home

Click on App Builder Apps to discover the applications published for your organization.

approval myapp customapps

Publishing your headless App Builder App

The App Builder Apps Adobe Experience Cloud only lists App Builder Apps that are SPAs. If you publish a headless app, please refer to our code lab Your First Headless App with App Builder.

We might provide supplementary discoverability mechanisms for published headless apps in future App Builder releases.

Next steps#

For more code examples and use cases, please refer to the Resources page.

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