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Interface: PageApiProperties

Subset of page-level APIs available to solutions that are settable attributes.






favicon: string

Gets or set the favicon for the page. If this isn't set, then the default experience cloud favicon will be used.


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page.favicon = "https://img.icons8.com/color/48/000000/thumb-up.png";


modal: boolean

Configuration to show/hide a modal with fullscreen overlay. Defaults to false.


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page.modal = true;


preventDefaultCombos: object[]

An array of key combinations for the shell to prevent default browser behavior on in cases where an application performs some other action.


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1page.preventDefaultCombos = [
2 {
3 ctrlKey: true,
4 key: 's'
5 }


spinner: boolean

Gets or sets a value indicating whether or not to show a spinner on the page. This configuration value is NOT used for the initial loading spinner (see Route Configuration hideInitialSpinner for that), but can be used to dismiss it if the spinner needs to be dismissed before a solution invokes runtime.done().


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page.spinner = true;


title: string

Gets or sets the title of the page.


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page.title = 'Adobe Experience Cloud';


viewportTakeover: boolean

Configuration to alter the z-index ordering of the Shell and iframe based on whether viewport takeover is needed.

Some applications will need to open a view that takes up the entire viewport of the browser. This works by increasing the size of the iframe the entire height of the viewport and using the z-index property to switch between the header or the content (iframe) being on top. To make this work seamlessly, a DOM element with id="shell-placeholder" is automatically added to the top of the document.body container. The Unified Shell adds a height property to the DOM element, effectively pushing down the rest of the application's UI below the Shell UI.

By default, the Shell will have a higher z-index than the iframe, so it will be usable. In order to alternate the z-index values, putting the iframe above the Shell, set:

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page.viewportTakeover = true;

Now the solution application is 100% of the browser's viewport and can open any views at 100%. When the takeover is complete, set the value back to false to return the Shell to the top of the application.

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