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Introduction to React Spectrum

The React Spectrum project implements the Adobe's Spectrum design language into React UI components.

React Spectrum is composed of three parts:

  • react-spectrum, a component library implementing the Adobe Spectrum design system
  • react-aria, a library of React hooks implementing the patterns defined in the ARIA practices spec, including mouse, touch, and keyboard behavior, accessibility, and internationalization support
  • react-stately, a library of React hooks implementing cross platform (e.g. web/native) state management for components that need it.

React Spectrum enables accessibility and common behavior to be handled out of the box. Leveraging React Spectrum in your App Builder application allows you to save front end development time, and focus on styling and other design specific features that can be built on top of the library.

The sample templates generated through the CLI leverage React Spectrum in the UI as an example.

To learn more, please visit the React Spectrum Homepage: https://react-spectrum.adobe.com/.

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