App Builder Docs

This documentation provides an overview of App Builder as well as guides, reference documentation, and tools to help you begin developing your own custom applications.

What is App Builder#

App Builder is a complete framework that enables enterprise developers to build and deploy custom web applications that extend Adobe Experience Cloud solutions and run on Adobe infrastructure. It leverages modern technologies (JAM stack, serverless computing, Node, and React) and ensures best practices when building applications (event-driven architecture, microservices, continuous integration, and delivery).

From a developer perspective, the main components are:

  • Single Page Application (SPA) - you build a SPA that uses React Spectrum for the client side, which is the same UI toolkit used by Adobe solutions.
  • For the backend, you create microservices and orchestrate APIs by leveraging I/O Runtime (Adobe’s serverless platform).
  • The main developer tools are the CLI, SDKs, Adobe Services and Developer Console. Support for Adobe authentication, end-user access control, publishing/consuming custom events, storing data and files, CI/CD pipelines, CDN, and developer sandboxes are provided out-of-the-box.
  • The execution environment is Adobe Experience Cloud. Your custom apps will be living side-by-side with the Adobe Experience Cloud solutions and will be executed in the context of the organization and its authenticated employees.

Where to Go Next#

To learn more about App Builder, please start by reading the following:

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