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Annotation parameters

Parameters that you can include in GET annotation API calls to refine results. You can include multiple query strings using an ampersand (&).


A query string that allows you to obtain additional information around an annotation. You can include multiple expansions, separated by a comma.

GET https://cja.adobe.io/annotations?expansion=name,description,dateRange,color

  • name: The name of the annotation.
  • description: The annotation's description.
  • dateRange: The date range of the annotation.
  • color: An enum representing the annotation's color. Supported values include STANDARD1 through STANDARD9.
  • applyToAllReports: A boolean that determines if the annotation applies to all report suites.
  • scope: An object including the metrics and filters that the annotation uses.
  • createdDate: The date that the annotation was created.
  • modifiedDate: The date that the annotation was last modified.
  • modifiedById: The ID of the user who last modified the annotation.
  • tags: The tags applied to the annotation.
  • shares: The shares applied to the annotation.
  • approved: A boolean that determines if the annotation is approved by an admin.
  • favorite: A boolean that determines if the user has this annotation favorited (starred).
  • usageSummary: An object that shows where this annotation is used.
  • owner: An object showing the ID, name, and login of the user that created the annotation.
  • imsOrgId: The IMS org of the annotation.
  • dataName: The Data View name.
  • dataId: The Data View ID.


By default, results only include annotations that the user owns. You can add this query string which allows results to include additional annotations not owned by the user.

GET https://cja.adobe.io/annotations?includeType=all,shared

  • all: Returns all annotations that the user can access. Typically used by product admins.
  • shared: Returns all annotations shared with the user.


A query string that returns strings localized by Adobe into the desired language. Localization does not apply to user-defined fields, such as annotation names.

GET https://cja.adobe.io/annotations?locale=en_US

  • en_US: English
  • fr_FR: French
  • ja_JP: Japanese
  • de_DE: German
  • es_ES: Spanish
  • ko_KR: Korean
  • pt_PR: Brazilian Portuguese
  • zh_CN: Simplified Chinese
  • zh_TW: Traditional Chinese


You can filter annotations by modification date or annotations in a specific date range.

GET https://cja.adobe.io/annotations?filterByModifiedAfter=YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ&filterByDateRange=YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ/YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ

  • filterByModifiedAfter: An ISO 8601 date that returns only annotations that were modified after the desired date.
  • filterByDateRange: Two ISO 8601 dates separated by a forward slash (/) that returns only annotations that fully reside within the desired date range.


You can paginate annotation API calls so that the result is not too large to use.

GET https://cja.adobe.io/annotations?limit=10&page=2

  • limit: An integer that represents the number of results per page.
  • page: An integer that represents which page to return results. The first page is 0. The API supports up to 1000 pages.
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