CJA API support

Learn where to ask questions, report bugs, make feature requests, and spark discussions.


Adobe actively participates in several communities. You can use any of the following communities for their designated purpose.

Adobe Experience League#

Adobe Experience Cloud

CJA forum

Ask/answer questions, participate in discussions, or submit ideas around the CJA APIs.

Adobe I/O forum

Ask/answer questions or participate in discussions around the Adobe I/O console.




Learn how you can contribute to the CJA API documentation.


Submit an issue to the repo for Adobe to address.

Pull requests

View open pull requests for the repository.



Request an invite

Submission form to request joining #Measure, an industry-wide slack channel for multiple analytics platforms.

Measure slack

The #adobe-analytics channel within Measure Slack.

Stack Overflow#

Stack Overflow

Tagged questions

Ask/answer developer questions tagged [adobe-analytics].

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