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Contribution programs

Adobe is pleased to provide a Solution Partners program for partners.

Every active partner that is willing to collaborate is eligible to join the Solutions Contribution Rewards Program. When you join, you start receiving program benefits:

  • Recognition through official communication channels
  • Badges
  • Adobe Digital Learning Services rewards

How do you join?#

  1. Make sure all of your contributors have an active GitHub account with two-factor authentication enabled.
  2. Create a list of your contributors' emails and their GitHub accounts (example format: github.com/accountname).
  3. Contact engcom@adobe.com with the list and ask to join.
  4. After onboarding, in addition to Magento Open Source projects, you will get permissions to Adobe Commerce and B2B for Adobe Commerce code repositories for partners.

If you need help, contact us at engcom@adobe.com and we will walk you through enrollment.

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