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Clone the git repository

You can clone the latest code from the Magento Open Source GitHub repository, and use code from a release branch or a development branch.

  • A release branch is a stable, full-featured code branch officially released with a version number, such as 2.4. You must use a release branch with the Data Migration Tool.

  • A development branch, or feature branch, is a less-stable code branch with the latest code intended as the next version or to introduce a specific feature.

You can checkout a specific branch after you clone the repository to your local development environment. See Cloning a repository in the GitHub Docs.

Authentication and access#

The Adobe Commerce repository requires authentication, so you must prepare the following:

  • Authentication key—You must have an authentication key to access the Adobe Commerce Composer package on repo.magento.com and to enable install and update commands for your project.

  • GitHub personal access token—Composer requires a personal access token in the github-oauth property to authorize GitHub repository access. When you create this token, select all options in the repo scope.

Authentication file#

You must create an auth.json file that contains your Adobe Commerce authorization credentials in the Magento root directory.

To create an authentication file:

  1. If you do not have an auth.json file in your Magento root directory, create one.

    • Using a text editor, create an auth.json file in the Magento root directory.
    • Copy the contents of the sample auth.json file into the new auth.json file.
  2. Replace <public-key> and <private-key> with your Adobe Commerce authentication credentials. Add the github-oauth section and replace the <personal-access-token> with the one you created for your GitHub account.

    Copied to your clipboard
    2 "http-basic": {
    3 "repo.magento.com": {
    4 "username": "<public-key>",
    5 "password": "<private-key>"
    6 }
    7 },
    8 "github-oauth": {
    9 "github.com": "<personal-access-token>"
    10 }
  3. Save your changes and exit the text editor.

After completing the tasks discussed on this page, see update installation dependencies.

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