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Establish your brand

The Magento name and its related logos are trademarks owned by Magento, Inc. Your extension and listing must not violate the trademarks and copyrights of Adobe, Inc., or those of any other party. To learn more, see Magento License / Trademark.

Magento name#

Magento ® is a registered trademark, and must include the registration symbol the first time the name appears in your personal profile, company profile, product profile, or standalone document. After the first occurrence in a document, the Magento name can be used without the registration symbol. To insert the registration symbol into HTML, place the cursor immediately after the Magento name, and enter either the numeric code for symbol name.

  • ® - Registration symbol numeric value
  • ® - Registration symbol name

Your use of the Magento name cannot suggest an affiliation with Magento. The Magento name can be referenced only as follows:

  • Correct - “I create extensions for Magento.”
  • Incorrect - “I create Magento extensions.” or “My Magento Extension...”

When referencing yourself or your company, use the specializing in Magento phrasing.

  • Correct - “We are a development agency specializing in Magento.”
  • Incorrect - “We are a Magento development agency.”

The Magento name cannot be used in any of the following:

  • Name or title of the extension
  • Extension icon
  • Developer branding
  • Your domain name
  • Your username or screen name
  • Your email address or email domain

Magento logo#

Approved Magento trademarks can be used in your extension listing or website only to refer to related Magento products or services.

  • The logo must be the current logo that is provided by Magento.
  • The Magento logo must not be altered in any way.
  • The Magento logo must be half the size of your own branding, to avoid the suggestion of any affiliation.
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