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Inventory module

The Inventory module is part of the new inventory infrastructure, which replaces the legacy CatalogInventory module with new and expanded features and APIs for Inventory Management.

The Inventory Management overview describes the MSI (Multi-Source Inventory) project in more detail.

All Inventory Management modules follow the Single Responsibility Principle. Inventory management architecture provides additional insight about the overall structure of these modules.

Installation details#

This module is installed as part of Magento Open Source. Unless a custom implementation for InventoryApi is provided by a 3rd-party module, the module cannot be deleted or disabled.

Extension points and service contracts#

Magento does not recommend using or referring to classes and other entities in the Inventory module. All public interfaces and extension points related to this module are located in the InventoryApi module. Use the interfaces and extension points defined in InventoryApi to extend this module.

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