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Magento_LoginAsCustomerApi module

This module provides API for ability to login into customer account for an admin user.

Public APIs#

  • \Magento\LoginAsCustomerApi\Api\Data\AuthenticationDataInterface:
    • contains authentication data


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- contains the result of the check whether the login as customer is enabled
  • \Magento\LoginAsCustomerApi\Api\AuthenticateCustomerBySecretInterface:

    • authenticate a customer by secret
  • \Magento\LoginAsCustomerApi\Api\ConfigInterface:

    • check if Login as Customer extension is enabled
    • check if store view manual choice is enabled
    • get authentication data expiration time (in seconds)
  • \Magento\LoginAsCustomerApi\Api\DeleteAuthenticationDataForUserInterface:

    • delete authentication data by user id
  • \Magento\LoginAsCustomerApi\Api\GenerateAuthenticationSecretInterface:

    • generate authentication secret
  • \Magento\LoginAsCustomerApi\Api\GetAuthenticationDataBySecretInterface:

    • get authentication data by secret
  • \Magento\LoginAsCustomerApi\Api\GetLoggedAsCustomerAdminIdInterface:

    • get id of admin logged as customer
  • \Magento\LoginAsCustomerApi\Api\GetLoggedAsCustomerCustomerIdInterface:

    • get id of customer admin is logged as
  • \Magento\LoginAsCustomerApi\Api\IsLoginAsCustomerEnabledForCustomerInterface:

    • check if login as customer functionality is enabled for customer
  • \Magento\LoginAsCustomerApi\Api\IsLoginAsCustomerSessionActiveInterface:

    • check if Login as Customer session is still active
  • \Magento\LoginAsCustomerApi\Api\SaveAuthenticationDataInterface:

    • save authentication data. Return secret key
  • \Magento\LoginAsCustomerApi\Api\SetLoggedAsCustomerAdminIdInterface:

    • set id of admin logged as customer
  • \Magento\LoginAsCustomerApi\Api\SetLoggedAsCustomerCustomerIdInterface:

    • set id of customer admin is logged as

For information about a public API in Magento 2, see Public interfaces & APIs.

Additional information#

This module is a part of Login As Customer feature.

Learn more about Login As Customer feature.

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