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PWA Studio

PWA Studio offers the tools you need to develop a Progressive Web Application storefront for Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source.


This site provides developer documentation for the tools and libraries offered by PWA Studio.

PWA Studio gives you everything you need to create Progressive Web Application (PWA) storefronts powered by Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source. It provides tools to help you set up a development environment and libraries to create your own storefront components and extensions.


Get Started#

Project setup

Get started with PWA Studio by creating a new storefront project.

Extension development

Learn how to create storefront extensions by following a tutorial.


Project overview

Learn about the PWA Studio project and the technologies it uses.

General concepts

Background knowledge and patterns you should know when working with PWA Studio.

API References#


Build and configuration tools for your project.


A collection of custom React hooks and logic components.

Venia UI

A UI library of React components for your storefront.


Project contributions#

Are you interested in contributing to the PWA Studio project? Visit the community wiki for information on how to contribute the PWA Studio project. If you are looking for an issue to work on, visit the backlog board and look at the Good First Issue column.

For more information about contributing to this repository, see the Contribution Guide.

Documentation contributions#

We encourage you to participate in our open documentation initiative. If you have suggestions, corrections, additions or deletions for this documentation, check out the source from this GitHub repo, and submit a pull request with your contribution. For more information, refer to this project's Contribution Guide.

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