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Buildpack Command Line Interface

The buildpack command is a command line toolkit for managing different pieces of your storefront project using subcommands.

Running the buildpack command#

You can use the buildpack command as a project dependency or directly using npx.

As a project dependency#

A project with the @magento/pwa-buildpack dependency installed can use the buildpack command in its NPM scripts:

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1"scripts": {
2 "load-env": "buildpack load-env ."

With this example, you can run npm run-script load-env or yarn run load-env to use the local copy of the buildpack CLI.

Using npx#

Run buildpack directly using NPM's npx tool, which installs packages and runs their CLIs in a single command:

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npx @magento/pwa-buildpack <command>

Available subcommands#

The buildpack CLI provides the following subcommands:

  • create-custom-origin - Gets or creates a trusted SSL certificate for local PWA development.
  • create-env-file - Generates a new .env file in the current directory.
  • load-env - Loads and validates the current environment.
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