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Driver and adapter components

Venia's driver and adapter components give PWA Studio's React components access to components from external dependencies, such as the Link component from the react-router-dom package.

Driver component#

The driver.js file in Venia and the default project template returns a centralized module for Venia components that rely on external dependencies. Instead of importing these dependencies directly, Venia components import them from the virtual dependency @magento/venia-drivers.

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import { Link, resourceUrl } from "@magento/venia-drivers";

The @magento/venia-drivers dependency is not listed in the package.json file or available on the NPM registry. It is a virtual dependency specified by the following entry in the package.json file:

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1"browser": {
2 "@magento/venia-drivers": "src/drivers"

Webpack treats this package.json configuration as equivalent to a Webpack alias configuration, as required by this draft specification. An app which imports anything from @magento/venia-ui will substitute the virtual dependency for the real file at build time.

Adapter component#

The adapter component is a Venia driver that wraps around your application code to satisfy the implicit external dependencies of the Venia components it uses. These dependencies include the ApolloProvider, ReduxProvider, and BrowserRouter.

Some of the Venia components in your storefront will not work if you do not wrap your application with the Venia adapter. If you set up your project using the scaffolding tool, your project code already wraps the application with the adapter.

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