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PWA Studio uses metapackages to extend Magento Open Source backends with new features and sample data. For example, new GraphQL mutations and interfaces enable enhanced frontend capabilities.

As of version 12.1.0, the Open Source metapackage is required for PWA Studio.

Available metapackages:

  • Open Source metapackage
  • Venia Sample Data metapackage

Open Source metapackage (Required for all projects)#

PWA Studio release 12.1.0 or higher requires the Open Source metapackage to be installed into PWA projects — even if your backend is Adobe Commerce.

See Open Source metapackage for instructions.

Venia Sample Data metapackage (Optional)#

You can use this metapackage to install Venia sample data into your projects.

See Install Venia Sample Data metapackage for instructions.

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