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Once you have successfully added APIs to your project or workspace, you can return to the Project overview (or Workspace overview in a templated project) at any time to view the details for that API and any other project services you may have added.

credentials project overview

Credential details#

You can select a specific API from the left navigation to view its details or you can select a credential type under Credentials in the left navigation in order to view the Credential details and perform other actions (generate JWT tokens, copy credential details, retrieve client secrets, etc.) as needed.

If multiple services have been added to the project or workspace using the same credentials, they will each be listed under the Connected products and services on the right-hand side of the details tab.

For example, selecting Service Account (JWT) under Credentials will open the Credential details for all products and services connected using JWT.

credentials details

Generate JWT#

If you selected Service Account (JWT) under Credentials you will be presented with the Credential details for all products and services connected using JWT.

You can also select Generate JWT in order to view a sample JWT Payload or Generate custom JWT by copying and pasting your private key into the available field and choosing Generate Token.

credentials generate jwt

If successful, the Generated JWT will be visible as well as a Sample cURL command. You can select Clear generated JWT in order to clear the screen and generate a new token.

credentials generated jwt


By selecting OAuth under Credentials, you will be shown all products and services connected to your project using OAuth 2.0 authenication and authorization.

From here, you can view and copy the Client ID, retrieve the client secret, and view the Platform type as well as the Redirect URL.

Within the Credential details screen you can also choose to download the OAuth JSON file, edit the credential, or delete the credential using the buttons provided in the top-right corner of the screen.

credentials oauth web

API key#

The API key Credential details display any products or services connected using an API key for authentication, as well as the API key itself and the ability to copy it for use.

credentials api key

Next steps#

To add additional services to your project or workspace, please visit the services overview.

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