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Getting started with Adobe Developer Console

In order to begin creating projects quickly and easily, this overview document introduces key areas of the Adobe Developer Console user interface (UI)


Users who already belong to an Adobe enterprise or team organization, require either System Administrator or Developer permissions in order to access the Adobe Developer Console. More information about user management can be found in the Adobe Admin Console guide.

For users who do not belong to an Adobe enterprise or team organization, we will automatically create your own personal Developer organization during sign-up.


After successfully logging in to Adobe Developer Console, you will arrive at the Home screen.

The Home screen is where you can easily find information and quick links, including top-navigation links to Projects and Downloads.

developer console home

Switch Organizations#

Adobe Developer Console allows developers to access and work on projects within multiple organizations.

Navigating between organizations is easily done using the organization switcher ("org switcher") located in the top-right corner of the UI. To switch organizations, simply select the down arrow ( ˅ ) and choose the organization you wish to use.

switch organizations

Quick start#

The Home screen also provides "quick start" links to help you get started with some of the most common Console actions. Quick start links are available for: creating an empty project, creating a project using a template, and downloading resources.

quick start

Recent projects#

If your organization has created projects, the most recent projects are displayed on the Home screen, enabling you to easily continue working or see work that has been done.

Only the three most recent projects will be shown, therefore to view additional projects for your organization, select All projects or choose Projects in the top navigation. See the Projects section that follows for more information.

recent projects


The Resources section provides helpful links to related documentation, guides, and services to support you in your work.

The resources that appear are influenced by where you are in your workflow, updating to ensure you are provided with the most relevant information at the most appropriate time.



The Projects screen provides an overview of the projects that have been created by your organization. If you are part of an enterprise organization, this includes all projects that you have access to, not just projects that you have created.

Each individual project is shown on a card that includes the title of the project, the last modified date, the products included in the project and whether the project includes APIs, events, runtime, or a combination.

You can use the sort functionality to change the order in which projects are displayed, and you can begin working on a new project by selecting Create new project.

For more information on projects, being by reading the projects overview.


APIs and services#

The APIs and services screen provides access to all available APIs, Events and services for Adobe products and technologies, with which you can develop applications. It can be accessed by selecting selecting APIs and services in the top navigation.

To learn more about available APIs and services, read the APIs and services overview.

APIs and services

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