foundation.collection.action.action: foundation.pushstate

foundation.pushstate is an action of foundation-collection-action.

When the action is triggered, it will call foundation-content’s pushState(), with the following parameters:

The value of
The value of

The URL expanded from URI Template of

The URI Template is expanded using variables satisfying the following interface:

interface FoundationCollectionActionFoundationPushstateVariables {
   * The array of values of <code>data-foundation-collection-item-id</code> attribute of the given <code>selections</code> parameter.
  item: string[]

Relationship Graph

digraph "foundation-collection" { rankdir=BT; "foundation-selections" -> "foundation-collection" [label="extends", weight=8]; "foundation-collection-action" -> "foundation-selections" [label="reacts to"]; "foundation.dialog" -> "foundation-collection-action" [label="provides action to"]; "" -> "foundation-collection-action" [label="provides action to"]; "foundation.pushstate" -> "foundation-collection-action" [label="provides action to"]; }