HTMLParser is an utility to parse HTML into a DocumentFragment. It is usually used when parsing raw HTML string from the server.

AdaptTo Interface

window object
returned type
interface FoundationUtilHtmlparser {
   * Parses the given HTML string so that it is suitable to be injected to the DOM (e.g. preventing duplicate JS and CSS).
   * This method is also modifying the current document (window.document) such that its JS and CSS are not lost.
   * This is done by injecting the said files to <head>.
   * @param html The html to be parsed.
   * @param avoidMovingExisting
   *            Avoid moving the existing CSS and JS elements to <head>.
   *            Sometimes, moving those elements is needed in order to prevent double loading when the HTML is injected again.
  parse(html: string | Element | DocumentFragment, avoidMovingExisting?: boolean): Promise<DocumentFragment>;

   * Creates the fragment from the given HTML string.
   * @param html The HTML string.
  createFragment(html: string): DocumentFragment;


var html = "<div></div>";

var parser = $(window).adaptTo("foundation-util-htmlparser");

parser.parse(html).then(function(fragment) {
    // do something with the fragment