The component to wrap the page fragment. A fragment is a piece of content that is not part of the page and loaded separately.

For example a page may contain a dialog that is only loaded when a certain button is activated. This dialog content is a fragment.

This component is only used so that there is a root component for the fragment so that generic features can be implemented here.

The features that it enables:

It has the following content structure:


Indicates the actual content of the fragment.


Hide item2 of the dialog using granite:hide property:

+ /mypage
  - sling:resourceType = "my/page"
  - dialogURL = "/mypage/dialog.html"
  + dialog
    - sling:resourceType = "granite/ui/components/coral/foundation/page/fragment"
    + content
      - sling:resourceType = "granite/ui/components/coral/foundation/dialog"
      - jcr:title = "My Dialog"
      + items
        + item1
          - sling:resourceType = "my/item"
        + item2
          - sling:resourceType = "my/item"
          - granite:hide = true