Interface ILoggingEvent

    • Method Detail

      • getThreadName

        String getThreadName()
      • getLevel

        Level getLevel()
      • getMessage

        String getMessage()
      • getArgumentArray

        Object[] getArgumentArray()
      • getFormattedMessage

        String getFormattedMessage()
      • getLoggerName

        String getLoggerName()
      • getCallerData

        StackTraceElement[] getCallerData()
        Return caller data associated with this event. Note that calling this event may trigger the computation of caller data.
        the caller data associated with this event.
        See Also:
      • hasCallerData

        boolean hasCallerData()
        If this event has caller data, then true is returned. Otherwise the returned value is null.

        Logback components wishing to use caller data if available without causing it to be computed can invoke this method before invoking getCallerData().

        whether this event has caller data
      • getMarker

        Marker getMarker()
      • getMDCPropertyMap

        Map<String,​String> getMDCPropertyMap()
        Returns the MDC map. The returned value can be an empty map but not null.
      • getMdc

        Map<String,​String> getMdc()
        Replaced by [@link #getMDCPropertyMap}
        Synonym for [@link #getMDCPropertyMap}.
      • getTimeStamp

        long getTimeStamp()