Class PropertySetter

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    public class PropertySetter
    extends ContextAwareBase
    General purpose Object property setter. Clients repeatedly invokes setProperty(name,value) in order to invoke setters on the Object specified in the constructor. This class relies on the JavaBeans Introspector to analyze the given Object Class using reflection.


     PropertySetter ps = new PropertySetter(anObject);
     ps.set("name", "Joe");
     ps.set("age", "32");
     ps.set("isMale", "true");
    will cause the invocations anObject.setName("Joe"), anObject.setAge(32), and setMale(true) if such methods exist with those signatures. Otherwise an IntrospectionException are thrown.
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      • setProperty

        public void setProperty​(String name,
                                String value)
        Set a property on this PropertySetter's Object. If successful, this method will invoke a setter method on the underlying Object. The setter is the one for the specified property name and the value is determined partly from the setter argument type and partly from the value specified in the call to this method.

        If the setter expects a String no conversion is necessary. If it expects an int, then an attempt is made to convert 'value' to an int using new Integer(value). If the setter expects a boolean, the conversion is by new Boolean(value).

        name - name of the property
        value - String value of the property
      • getObjClass

        public Class<?> getObjClass()
      • addComplexProperty

        public void addComplexProperty​(String name,
                                       Object complexProperty)
      • addBasicProperty

        public void addBasicProperty​(String name,
                                     String strValue)
      • setComplexProperty

        public void setComplexProperty​(String name,
                                       Object complexProperty)
      • getObj

        public Object getObj()