Class FileNamePattern

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    public class FileNamePattern
    extends ContextAwareBase
    After parsing file name patterns, given a number or a date, instances of this class can be used to compute a file name according to the file name pattern and the current date or integer.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FileNamePattern

        public FileNamePattern​(String patternArg,
                               Context contextArg)
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      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object
      • hasIntegerTokenCOnverter

        public boolean hasIntegerTokenCOnverter()
      • convertMultipleArguments

        public String convertMultipleArguments​(Object... objectList)
      • convertInt

        public String convertInt​(int i)
      • setPattern

        public void setPattern​(String pattern)
      • getPattern

        public String getPattern()
      • toRegexForFixedDate

        public String toRegexForFixedDate​(Date date)
        Given date, convert this instance to a regular expression. Used to compute sub-regex when the pattern has both %d and %i, and the date is known.
      • toRegex

        public String toRegex()
        Given date, convert this instance to a regular expression