Interface ContentTypeConverter

  • public interface ContentTypeConverter

    Provides means to convert texts of a certain content type to another content type.

    The entire conversion process uses HTML as base format. This means that you might need two conversion steps to convert a text from format A to format B: First, you convert format A to HTML. Then the HTML to format B.

    For example, to convert a plain text to Markdown, use the following snippet:

    String html = converter.convertToHTML(plainText, "text/plain");
    String markdown = converter.convertToType(html, "text/x-markdown");

    Note that depending on the quality of the ContentTypeAdapter implementations (or the target text format) you might loose some (or all) formatting.

    Additional ContentTypeAdapters can be provided by external bundles. To override default adapters, use the OSGi service ranking. The default adapters have a service ranking of 0.

    • Method Detail

      • convertToType

        String convertToType​(String html,
                             String type)
                      throws ContentFragmentException
        Converts the given HTML fragment to an equivalent text of the specified target format.
        html - The original HTML fragment
        type - The MIME type of the target format
        The converted text
        ContentFragmentException - if the conversion failed