Class LaunchManager.CreateOptions

    • Field Detail

      • resource

        public Resource resource
        Source resource.
      • launchSourceList

        public List<LaunchSource> launchSourceList
        LaunchSource List.
      • title

        public String title
        The title of the new launch.
      • liveDate

        public Calendar liveDate
        The target live date of the launch.
      • isDeep

        public boolean isDeep
        If true, child resources of provided source resource will be included in the launch.
      • isLiveCopy

        public boolean isLiveCopy
        If true, the launch will be a live copy of the current production version.
      • template

        public String template
        A new template to use for the launch page or null if none
      • sourceRolloutConfigs

        public String[] sourceRolloutConfigs
        The MSM rollout configurations to use in the source launch relationship.
      • promoteRolloutConfigs

        public String[] promoteRolloutConfigs
        The MSM rollout configurations to use when promoting this launch.
      • isProductionReady

        public boolean isProductionReady
        If true, after the promotion, the launch sources will be published
    • Constructor Detail

      • CreateOptions

        public CreateOptions()