Interface LaunchPromotionParameters

  • public interface LaunchPromotionParameters
    Launch promotion parameters.
    • Method Detail

      • getResource

        Resource getResource()
        Get the resource to promote (within the launch tree)
        The resource to promote
      • getPromotionScope

        LaunchPromotionScope getPromotionScope()
        Get the promotion scope, which determines which content needs to be promoted
        The promotion scope
      • getTarget

        Launch getTarget()
        A launch can be promoted either to the production version or to one of its parent launches (if it is a nested launch). This method returns the parent launch to be targeted by the promotion, or null if the launch should be promoted to the production version.
        The target launch or null
      • getResourceCollectionPath

        String getResourceCollectionPath()
        Get the resource collection (workflow package) the resource should be added to
        The resource collection or null if not specified