Package com.adobe.cq.wcm.core.components.models.form

This package defines the Sling Models exposed by the Adobe Experience Manager Core WCM Components Bundle for the form components.

Implementors of this API can choose which API level they support, by implementing all the methods up to a specified version of the API. All the provided interfaces document in which API version they were added. Furthermore, all methods also specify the API version in which they were introduced and deprecated.

All the interfaces from this package provide default methods that throw UnsupportedOperationExceptions. The reasoning behind this pattern is that implementors can upgrade the bundle without being forced to implement all the new methods provided by a newer API version, since the interfaces from this package are ConsumerTypes. An UnsupportedOperationException could be thrown when a component script would start using the newer API, without the actual implementation to support it. This can happen when an implementor migrates a proxy component to a newer version of the core component it proxies and a custom Sling Model implementation, supporting an older API version, is bound to this proxy component resource type.