Class PDFFontDescription

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    public abstract class PDFFontDescription
    extends java.lang.Object
    A helper class useful for building pdf font objects.


    Metrics returned by this class are expressed in 1/1000th of em.


    This class is immutable after contruction and contains no mutable static data. It is therefore threadsafe.
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      abstract double getAdvance​(int glyphID)
      Fetch the horizontal advance width for the specified glyph.
      abstract java.lang.String getBase14Name()  
      abstract double getCapHeight()
      Fetch the height above the baseline of capital letters
      abstract int getCIDCount()
      Get the CID count associated with the CIDKeyedFont
      abstract Rect getFontBBox()
      Fetch the font bounding box.
      abstract java.lang.String getFontFamily()
      Fetches the preferred family name associated with this font.
      abstract int getGlyphCid​(int glyphID)
      Fetch the CID for a given glyph.
      abstract java.lang.String getGlyphName​(int gid)  
      abstract double getItalicAngle()
      Fetch the italic angle.
      abstract int getNumGlyphs()
      The number of glyphs in the font.
      abstract java.lang.String getPostscriptName()
      Fetches the preferred postscript name for the font.
      abstract ROS getROS()
      Get the Registry, Ordering and Supplement associated with the font.
      abstract double getStemV()
      Fetch the font's primary vertical stem width
      abstract double getXHeight()
      Fetch the height above the baseline for lowercase letters.
      abstract boolean isAllCapFont()  
      abstract boolean isSerifFont()  
      abstract boolean isSmallCapFont()  
      abstract boolean pdfFontIsTrueType()  
      abstract void stream​( out, boolean openTypeFontsAllowed)
      Streams a font suitable for embedding in a PDF for editting situations.
      abstract void subsetAndStream​(Subset subset, out, boolean preserveROS)  
      abstract void subsetAndStream​(SubsetSimpleTrueType subset, out)  
      abstract void subsetAndStream​(SubsetSimpleType1 subset, out)  
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