Class FontFactory

  • public final class FontFactory
    extends java.lang.Object
    Creates font objects for naked cff fonts
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      static int getNumBytesNeededToIdentify()  
      static boolean isCFF​(byte[] startingBytes)
      This is a very loose check to see if the font looks like CFF.
      static CFFFont[] load​(FontByteArray buffer)
      Given buffer of font data, creates cff FontData objects that represent it.
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      • FontFactory

        public FontFactory()
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      • getNumBytesNeededToIdentify

        public static int getNumBytesNeededToIdentify()
        the minimum number of bytes needed to try to identify whether a font stream contains cff
      • isCFF

        public static boolean isCFF​(byte[] startingBytes)
        This is a very loose check to see if the font looks like CFF. Since these fonts don't have as solid of a way of identifying them as other fonts do, this check should only be used when checks for other fonttypes have failed.
        startingBytes - bytes from the start of the font stream. Must contain at least getNumBytesNeededToIdentify bytes.
        true of the font appears to be cff. false otherwise.