Class Type2Parser

  • public final class Type2Parser
    extends java.lang.Object
    Parse a Type2 charstring. A Type2Parser offers a single method, parse which is given a charstring and a Type2Consumer. As the charString is parsed, the Type2Consumer is called for each operator. The parser maintains the Type2 stack and storage area, interpreting the operators which affect them, as well as interpreting subroutine calls. The intent is that a Consumer can concentrate on dealing with the path and hints operators, and essentially ignore the arithmetic, storage, conditional and subroutine operators. However, all the operators are reported to the Consumer, so that it is for example possible to write a Consumer that creates an accurate textual representation of the charstring.

    The same parser can be used repeatedly to parse multiple charstrings; those charstrings do not need to be in the same font, nor even in the same font set. The parser maintains no state between invocations of parse.

    The consumer must not call parse on the parser that invoked it.


    This class is not synchronized. The parse method invokes the Type2Consumer on the thread on which it is called.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Type2Parser

        public Type2Parser()
    • Method Detail

      • parse

        public void parse​(CharStrings charStrings,
                          int index,
                          CharStrings localSubrs,
                          CharStrings globalSubrs,
                          Type2Consumer c,
                          NameKeyedFont font)
                   throws InvalidGlyphException,
        Decode a Type2 charstring.
        charStrings - the CharStrings containing the charstring
        index - the index of the charstring in charStrings
        localSubrs - the local subroutines
        globalSubrs - the global subroutines
        c - the Type2Consumer to alert of the parsing events
        font - The name-keyed font to which the charStrings belong, if they belong to a name-keyed font. If the font is cid-keyed, null should be passed in. font is only used to resolve seac glyphs, which can only be present in name-keyed fonts.
        InvalidGlyphException - the charstring is malformed or missing