Class Gsub

  • public final class Gsub
    extends LookupTable
    Gives access to the 'GSUB' table.

    Applying features.

    To apply features, the client first resolves a feature tag to a set of lookups, using the resolveFeatureTag method. Then, it invokes the GSUB engine to apply those lookups to the glyph run, using the applyLookups method. The client passes two objects to applyLookups, implementing the Shaper and Selector interfaces respectively. The Shaper object is used by the GSUB engine to access the glyphs as well as to report transformations to be done on the glyph run. The Selector object is used by the GSUB engine to learn if the feature should be applied at some positions. Thus, the Shaper and Selector objects are the bulk of the interface between the client and the GSUB engine.

    • Field Detail

      • componentCountAttribute

        public static final ElementAttribute componentCountAttribute
      • ligatureComponentAttribute

        public static final ElementAttribute ligatureComponentAttribute
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      • stream

        public void stream​(java.util.Map tables)