Class Base14Font

    • Constructor Detail

      • Base14Font

        public Base14Font​(String resourceName,
                          String base14CSSName,
                          String base14PSName)
    • Method Detail

      • getCanonicalPath

        public String getCanonicalPath()
        Special case cache manipulation support for Base14 fonts. Since this cache is built into the resources it is not treated the same way as other types. Basically, everything except getCachedFontDescription is a noop and getCachedFontDescription simply reads an item from the builtin cache. Cache entries are never verified nor are new cached FontDescriptions added at runtime. Any missing descriptions MUST be added to the Base14CacheResourceBuilder.
      • getLength

        public long getLength()
      • getLastModified

        public long getLastModified()
      • getCachedFontDescription

        public Object getCachedFontDescription​(String key)
      • getCachedFontDescriptionIterator

        public Iterator<String> getCachedFontDescriptionIterator()
      • setCachedFontDescription

        public void setCachedFontDescription​(String key,
                                             Object value)