Interface MaintenanceTaskInfo

  • @ProviderType
    public interface MaintenanceTaskInfo
    Description of a maintenance task
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        String getName()
        The unique name of a maintenance task.
      • isStoppable

        boolean isStoppable()
        Whether a task supports stopping
      • isConservative

        boolean isConservative()
        Whether a task is conservative.
      • supportsThrottling

        boolean supportsThrottling()
        Whether a task supports throttling.
      • getTitle

        String getTitle()
        A human readable title.
      • getDescription

        String getDescription()
        A human readable description
      • getLastRunTime

        Calendar getLastRunTime()
        Get the last date this task has been run.
      • isRunning

        boolean isRunning()
        Whether the task is currently running.
      • getTaskTopic

        String getTaskTopic()
        Return the topic for the task.
      • isMandatory

        boolean isMandatory()
        Whether this task is considered to be mandatory.
      • getConfigurationPid

        String getConfigurationPid()
        - the task's configuration PID, to be used for configuration through the UI. The method returns null if there's any problem with retrieving the PID