Interface ReferenceList

  • All Superinterfaces:
    Collection<Reference>, Iterable<Reference>, List<Reference>

    public interface ReferenceList
    extends List<Reference>
    A ReferenceList provides a collection of References specific to a Resource. The type of references provided is dependent on the available ReferenceProviders registered in the system. A ReferenceList can be retrieved by adapting a resource: resource.adaptTo(ReferenceList.class). Any resource can be adapted. Whether references are provided for a resource is decided by the references providers.
    • Method Detail

      • getResource

        Resource getResource()
        Returns the Resource for which this reference list was created.
        The Resource.
      • subList

        List<Reference> subList​(String... types)
        Returns a List of all References available for the resource backing the references list, filtered by an array of Strings corresponding to references types. If no items are found, an empty list is returned. Caution: At this stage, the reference list is already created and retrieved references for all the reference types. Use com.adobe.granite.references.ReferenceAggregator#createReferenceList(, java.lang.String...) to process filtering even before the reference search
        A filtered List of References, or an empty collection if no references were found.