Interface TranslationService.TranslationServiceInfo

    • Method Detail

      • getTranslationServiceAttribution

        java.lang.String getTranslationServiceAttribution()
        Gets the translation service attribution.
        Optional property used to attribute this translation provider (such as "Translations by Adobe Translate")
      • getTranslationServiceLabel

        java.lang.String getTranslationServiceLabel()
        Gets the translation service label.
        Optional property used to describe this translation service in a user-interface (such as to allow its selection from a drop-down menu).
      • getTranslationServiceName

        java.lang.String getTranslationServiceName()
        Gets the translation service name.
        Name of the service property indicating the particular implementation this factory provides, e.g. Adobe.
      • getServiceCloudConfigRootPath

        java.lang.String getServiceCloudConfigRootPath()
        Gets the service Cloud Config Root path Location.
        Root path of the service Cloud Config. This will be used to determine the cloud config for the Translation service.