Class CosList

  • public final class CosList
    extends Object
    A simple, fast, list object for maintaining ordered lists of objects.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CosList

        public CosList()
        Constructor does nothing except allocate master block
    • Method Detail

      • add

        public void add​(Object obj)
        Adds specified object to this list.
      • add

        public void add​(int index,
                        Object obj)
      • addAll

        public void addAll​(CosList src)
      • delete

        public void delete​(int index)
      • get

        public Object get​(int index)
      • size

        public int size()
      • count

        public int count()
      • isEmpty

        public boolean isEmpty()
      • containsIndex

        public boolean containsIndex​(int index)
      • first

        public Object first()
      • findNext

        public int findNext​(int index)
      • findPrevious

        public int findPrevious​(int index)