Class ASBoolean

  • public class ASBoolean
    extends ASObject
    This class represents a non-cos PDF boolean object.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ASBoolean

        public ASBoolean​(boolean value)
    • Method Detail

      • isTrue

        public boolean isTrue()
        Returns true if this boolean object represent true else false.
      • isFalse

        public boolean isFalse()
        Returns true if this boolean object represent false else false.
      • write

        public void write​(OutputByteStream outputByteStream)
                   throws PDFIOException
        Description copied from class: ASObject
        Writes the ASObject to the given OutputStream in the format expected by the PDF Spec.
        Specified by:
        write in class ASObject
        outputByteStream - OutputByteStream to write to.
        PDFIOException - exception from OutputStream