Class ASMatrix

  • public class ASMatrix
    extends ASObject
    ASMatrix encapsulates an immutable PDF coordinate transfomation matrix, or CTM.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ASMatrix

        public ASMatrix​(double a,
                        double b,
                        double c,
                        double d,
                        double x,
                        double y)
        Constructs a new matrix of 2 columns, 3 rows (a, b, c, d, x, y).
        x - Translation in x
        y - Translation in y
      • ASMatrix

        public ASMatrix​(double[] array)
        Constructs a new matrix of 2 columns, 3 rows from an array of doubles with the ordering ( a, b, c, d, x, y ) where x gives in x and y gives translation in y.
      • ASMatrix

        public ASMatrix​(ASMatrix B)
        Constructs a new matrix from another matrix (like clone)
        B - PDFAffineTransform
    • Method Detail

      • createIdentityMatrix

        public static ASMatrix createIdentityMatrix()
        Returns an identity matrix.
      • geta

        public double geta()
      • getb

        public double getb()
      • getc

        public double getc()
      • getd

        public double getd()
      • getx

        public double getx()
      • gety

        public double gety()
      • getValues

        public double[] getValues()
      • equals

        public boolean equals​(ASMatrix t)
        Test for equality
      • isIdentity

        public boolean isIdentity()
        Test for Identity of the 4x4 matrix Exclusive of translation
      • isIdentity6x6

        public boolean isIdentity6x6()
        Test for Identity of the 6x6 matrix Inclusive of translation
      • isInvertable

        public boolean isInvertable()
        Test for invertability
      • rotate

        public ASMatrix rotate​(double angle)
        Concatentate the current transform with a rotate
        angle - Amount of rotation in radians.
      • scale

        public ASMatrix scale​(double sx,
                              double sy)
        Concatentate the current transform with a scale
      • scale

        public ASMatrix scale​(double x)
      • preScale

        public ASMatrix preScale​(double sx,
                                 double sy)
        Premultiply the current transform with a scale
      • preScale

        public ASMatrix preScale​(double x)
      • translate

        public ASMatrix translate​(double h,
                                  double v)
        Concatenate the current transform with a translate
      • preMultiply

        public ASMatrix preMultiply​(double h,
                                    double v)
        Premultiply the current transform with a translation
      • setTranslate

        public ASMatrix setTranslate​(double h,
                                     double v)
        Set an absolute translation
      • setItalicDegrees

        public ASMatrix setItalicDegrees​(double angle)
        Set an italic angle
      • mult

        public void mult​(double px,
                         double py,
                         double[] output)
        Multiply a vector by our matrix.
        px - Along with py: input vector
        py - Along with px: input vector
        output - output vector -- must be at least size 2 (x is index 0, y is index 1)
      • multGetX

        public double multGetX​(double px,
                               double py)
      • multGetY

        public double multGetY​(double px,
                               double py)
      • concat

        public ASMatrix concat​(ASMatrix A)
        (left) multiply new transform with this (computes X * A, where X is the current transform)
        A - new transform.
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Converts this object to a String representation.
        toString in class Object
      • getUnitRotationMatrix

        public ASMatrix getUnitRotationMatrix()