Class ASRectangle

  • public class ASRectangle
    extends ASObject
    ASRectangle represents an non-COS PDF rectangle.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ASRectangle

        public ASRectangle​(ASCoordinate ll,
                           ASCoordinate ur)
        ll - lower-left corner of the rectangle
        ur - upper-right corner of the rectangle
      • ASRectangle

        public ASRectangle​(double left,
                           double bottom,
                           double right,
                           double top)
        left - x coordinate of the left side of the rectangle
        bottom - y coordinate of the bottom side of the rectangle
        right - x coordinate of the right side of the rectangle
        top - y coordinate of the top side of the rectangle
      • ASRectangle

        public ASRectangle​(ASRectangle rect)
        Copy constructor.
        rect -