Package com.adobe.xfa

Class EventManager

  • public class EventManager
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Method Detail

      • resetEventTable

        public static void resetEventTable​(EventManager.EventTable eventTable)
        Reset an event table
        eventTable - the event table to reset
      • cancelAction

        public boolean cancelAction​(java.lang.String sAction)
      • cancelEvent

        public boolean cancelEvent​(java.lang.String sEvent)
      • eventOccurred

        public boolean eventOccurred​(int nEventID,
                                     Obj object)
        eventOccurred informs the event manager that a particular event has occurred. For each entry in mRegisteredEvents, if all required events have occurred, the corresponding node will have its attached script invoked. If object is not null, only events registered with that particular object will be considered.
        true if the event was dispatched to one or more listeners.
      • getEventID

        public int getEventID​(java.lang.String sEventName)
        return an ID for a event name
        sEventName -
      • registerEvents

        public void registerEvents​(Dispatcher dispatcher)
      • reset

        public void reset()