Package com.adobe.xfa

Class Generator

  • public final class Generator
    extends Object
    Generator contains information about the generator tag contained in many of our XFA files. The known generator tags will be populated into an enum, for convenient reference. In our XML files, the generator tag lives in a processing instruction of the form: <?xfa generator="xxxx" APIVersion="x.x.buildNumber.x">
    • Constructor Detail

      • Generator

        public Generator​(String sGenerator,
                         String sAPIVersion)
        Default constructor for Generator.
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        public String getName()
        return the generator tag name
        the string representing the generator tag
      • getAPIVersion

        public String getAPIVersion()
        return the generator version
        the string representing the generator version
      • getBuildNumber

        public int getBuildNumber()
        return the generator build number
        the integer representing the build number
      • generator

        public int generator()
        return the generator tag enum.
        Return the enum value corresponding to this generator tag. if it's not a recognized name, it will return XFAGenerator_Unknown.