Package com.adobe.xfa

Class NodeScript

  • Direct Known Subclasses:

    public class NodeScript
    extends ObjScript
    This class contains all the script functionality associated with the Node class. Broken out into a separate class for easier maintainability.
    • Constructor Detail

      • NodeScript

        public NodeScript()
    • Method Detail

      • getScriptTable

        public static ScriptTable getScriptTable()
      • classAll

        public static void classAll​(Obj pObj,
                                    Arg oRetVal)
      • classIndex

        public static void classIndex​(Obj pObj,
                                      Arg oRetVal)
      • getAll

        public static void getAll​(Obj pObj,
                                  Arg oRetVal)
      • getIndex

        public static void getIndex​(Obj pObj,
                                    Arg oRetVal)
      • getModel

        public static void getModel​(Obj pObj,
                                    Arg oRetVal)
      • getName

        public static void getName​(Obj pObj,
                                   Arg oRetVal)
      • getNodes

        public static void getNodes​(Obj pObj,
                                    Arg oRetVal)
      • getParent

        public static void getParent​(Obj pObj,
                                     Arg oRetVal)
      • getSomExpression

        public static void getSomExpression​(Obj pObj,
                                            Arg oRetVal)
      • isContainer

        public static void isContainer​(Obj pObj,
                                       Arg oRetVal)
      • setName

        public static void setName​(Obj pObj,
                                   Arg oArg)
      • resolveNode

        public static void resolveNode​(Obj pObj,
                                       Arg oRetVal,
                                       Arg[] pArgs)
      • resolveNodes

        public static void resolveNodes​(Obj pObj,
                                        Arg oRetVal,
                                        Arg[] pArgs)
      • scriptPropLocateChildByClass

        public static boolean scriptPropLocateChildByClass​(Obj obj,
                                                           Arg retVal,
                                                           java.lang.String sChildName)
      • scriptPropLocateChildByName

        public static boolean scriptPropLocateChildByName​(Obj obj,
                                                          Arg retVal,
                                                          java.lang.String sChildName)