Class Agent

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    public abstract class Agent
    extends Object
    implements PacketHandler
    A base class to represent XFA agents. Derived classes would embody significant XFA form processor capabilities.
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        public static final int SUCCESS_WITH_WARNINGS
        Completion code for success with warning.
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        public static final int SUCCESS_WITH_INFORMATION
        Completion code for success with information.
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      • Agent

        public Agent()
        Instantiates an agent.
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      • filterPackets

        public void filterPackets​(Node oPacket,
                                  Object data)
        An XFA PacketHandler to filter out empty nodes and/or user-specified nodes in an XDP file. This method gets called for each packet in an XDP that is being loaded.
        Specified by:
        filterPackets in interface PacketHandler
      • getConfigSchemaName

        public abstract String getConfigSchemaName()
        Retrieve the configuration schema tag name where the config options are stored for this agent.
      • getPacketList

        public String getPacketList()
        Get the list of XFA packets for the XDP.