Class WSDLConnection

    • Constructor Detail

      • WSDLConnection

        public WSDLConnection​(Element parent,
                              Node prevSibling)
    • Method Detail

      • clone

        public Element clone​(Element oParent,
                             boolean deep)
        watson 1478951: special case cloning for nodes such that they will inherit a copy of the source node's event table. This allows cloned orphan nodes to be able to trigger script that referenced the source node.
        clone in class ProtoableNode
      • execute

        public boolean execute​(boolean inDoDynamicMerge)
        Adobe patent application tracking # P624, entitled "Form-based Data Storage And Retrieval", inventors: Matveief,Young,Solc
      • executePermsCheck

        public boolean executePermsCheck()
        Permissions checking function for script calls or declarative operations
        true if ok, else false