Class FormItemsDataListener

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    public class FormItemsDataListener
    extends Obj
    • Constructor Detail

      • FormItemsDataListener

        public FormItemsDataListener​(Node formNode,
                                     Node bindingNode)
    • Method Detail

      • getClassAtom

        public String getClassAtom()
        Description copied from class: Obj
        Returns the atomic name of this element's class.
        getClassAtom in class Obj
        the class name as an interned string.
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      • getClassName

        public String getClassName()
        Description copied from class: Obj
        Gets the name of this object's class. Overriden by derived classes such as Element that have a local name that may be returned instead.
        getClassName in class Obj
        the class name.
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      • updateFromPeer

        public void updateFromPeer​(Object peerNode,
                                   int eventType,
                                   String arg1,
                                   Object arg2)
        Description copied from interface: Peer
        This method will be called by the peer whenever its state changes.
         eventType                        (String)arg1  (Object)arg2
         UPDATED                          update type   (optional)
         ATTR_CHANGED                     attr name     (optional)
         CHILD_ADDED                      (optional)    added node
         CHILD_REMOVED                    (optional)    removed node
         VALUE_CHANGED                    new data      (optional)
         PARENT_CHANGED                   (optional)    new parent
         DESCENDENT_ATTR_CHANGED          attr name     changed node
         DESCENDENT_VALUE_CHANGED         (optional)    changed node
         DESCENDENT_ADDED                 (optional)    added node
         DESCENDENT_REMOVED               (optional)    removed node
         PERMS_LOCK_SET                   (optional)    (optional)
         PERMS_LOCK_CLEARED               (optional)    (optional)
         PROTO_ATTR_CHANGED               attr name     changed node
         PROTO_CHILD_ADDED                (optional)    added node of the protoype
         PROTO_CHILD_REMOVED              (optional)    removed node from the prototype
         PROTO_VALUE_CHANGED              new data      prototype node
         PROTO_DESCENDENT_ATTR_CHANGED    attr name     changed prototype node
         PROTO_DESCENDENT_VALUE_CHANGED   (optional)    changed prototype node
         PROTO_DESCENDENT_ADDED           (optional)    added node to the prototype
         PROTO_DESCENDENT_REMOVED         (optional)    removed node from the prototype
        Specified by:
        updateFromPeer in interface Peer
        updateFromPeer in class Obj
        peerNode - the peer to this object.
        eventType - the event type as enumerated in this class
        arg1 - additional event information
        arg2 - additional event information
      • peerRemoved

        public void peerRemoved​(Peer pPeer)
        Description copied from interface: Peer
        Called when this Peer is removed from peer. Derived classes can override this method to receive direct notifications when a peer is removed.
        Specified by:
        peerRemoved in interface Peer
        peerRemoved in class Obj
        pPeer - the Peer from which this Peer has been removed from notification.