Class TemplateResolver

  • public final class TemplateResolver
    extends java.lang.Object
    Base class for implementing a template resolver. The job of a template resolver is to collect different types of objects, etc. for the current job being processed. This info can later be used to build structures for devices that have a specific requirement, without re-traversing the template.
    • Nested Class Summary

      Nested Classes 
      Modifier and Type Class Description
      static class  TemplateResolver.RGB
      A class to represent red/green/blue values.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TemplateResolver

        public TemplateResolver()
    • Method Detail

      • addActiveColor

        public void addActiveColor​(Color oColor)
        Add a new Color to the list of known colors.
        oColor - the color to add to the list.
      • addActiveColor

        public void addActiveColor​(int nRed,
                                   int nGreen,
                                   int nBlue)
        Add a new Color to the list of known colors.
        nRed - The red RGB value of the color
        nGreen - The green RGB value of the color.
        nBlue - The blue RGB value of the color.
      • addImage

        public void addImage​(ImageValue oImage)
        Add a reference to a known Imagein the XFATemplate
        oImage - - a reference to an Image.
      • cleanupImages

        public void cleanupImages()
        Remove all image references for this template.
      • enumActiveColors

        public java.util.List<TemplateResolver.RGB> enumActiveColors()
        Enumerate the list of active colors as RGB structures.
        an array of the active colors. The list will not contain duplicates.
      • getImages

        public java.util.List<ImageValue> getImages()
        Return a list of Imagereferences.
        a list of Imagereferences.