Interface Container.ChangeLogger

  • Enclosing class:

    public static interface Container.ChangeLogger
    Pure-virtual interface for clients of XFANode::compareVersions() which want changes reported in terms of containers & properties instead of elements & attributes. The XFAContainerizer class (below) is used to convert the XFANode interfaces into the XFAContainer interfaces. Your class should inherit from XFAContainer::ChangeLogger and implement the 3 interfaces; you then create a XFAContainerizer to wrap your class and pass that into XFANode::compareVersions().
    • Method Detail

      • logPropChange

        void logPropChange​(Node container,
                           java.lang.String sPropName,
                           java.lang.String sNewValue,
                           java.lang.Object userData)
      • logValueChange

        void logValueChange​(Node container,
                            java.lang.String sNewValue,
                            java.lang.Object userData)
      • logChildChange

        void logChildChange​(Node container,
                            Node child,
                            java.lang.Object userData)