Class Container.FormInfo

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class Container.FormInfo
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
      FormInfo​(Element connectionDataNode)
      This constructor is used during a connection import.
      FormInfo​(Container templateContainerNode, int eMergeType)
      This constructor is used during a "normal" merge.
    • Method Summary

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    • Field Detail

      • templateContainerNode

        public final Container templateContainerNode
        maintain a link to the template node so it can be cleared
      • dataParent

        public Element dataParent
        the data parent
      • connectionDataParent

        public Element connectionDataParent
        the connection data parent - needed for hasDescendantMatch
      • scopeData

        public Node scopeData
      • dataNodes

        public NodeList dataNodes
        a list of data nodes
      • bAssociation

        public boolean bAssociation
        indicates the dataNode list is from an association
      • bConnectDataRef

        public boolean bConnectDataRef
        if eMergeType == MATCH_DATAREF, specifies that it's a connection DataRef
      • bRemoveAfterUse

        public boolean bRemoveAfterUse
        Normally bound nodes and data ref nodes that have * wild cards or predicates can only be used once
      • eMergeType

        public final int eMergeType
        the merge type of the node
      • connectionDataNode

        public final Element connectionDataNode
        used who store connection data context for use by complex binding
      • altDataNodes

        public NodeList altDataNodes
        alternate list of data nodes (used only during a connection remerge - oDataNodes will contain connectionData nodes for merging while oAltDataNodes will contain existing data nodes. The merge will create form nodes for connection data being imported by matching against the connection data nodes in oDataNodes, the merge process will then use the alternate list to find match existing data nodes which are then bound to the new form nodes and the data in the form nodes is used to update the existing data nodes)
    • Constructor Detail

      • FormInfo

        public FormInfo​(Container templateContainerNode,
                        int eMergeType)
        This constructor is used during a "normal" merge.
      • FormInfo

        public FormInfo​(Element connectionDataNode)
        This constructor is used during a connection import.